Be Pretty and Shut Up! film still. Be Pretty and Shut Up! film still.
Film screening
2. 10., 20.30–22.30

Delphine Seyrig
Be Pretty and Shut Up!

FR, 1976, 115′, Eng. sub., Slo. sub.
4 €

Delphine Seyrig interviews 24 French and American actresses about their professional experience as women, their parts and their relations with stage and screen directors and their technical teams. A rather negative view, filmed in 1976, of a profession that only allows stereotypical and alienating roles.

Co-organizers: City of Women, Kinoteka. Supported by: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Administration, French Institute in Slovenia. In the framework of the European project Women on Women co-funded by EU programme Creative Europe.