Hidden Alliances – versteckt verbunden book cover Hidden Alliances – versteckt verbunden book cover
Book presentation
12. 10., 18.30–19.30

Hidden Alliances – versteckt verbunden

Book presentation
Free entrance

The video streaming of the event can be followed on the festival website.

Hidden Alliances – versteckt verbunden (2019) tells the different stories of twenty female artists and how they weave together a fascinating network of interrelationships. The book was edited by Elisabeth Schimana (Institut für Medienarchäologie) in cooperation with Ars Electronica. It features articles by Martin Breindl, Hank Bull, Andreas Fellinger, Doris Ingrisch, Christine Kakaire, Milena Meller, Helga de la Motte-Haber, Lona Gaikis, Rahma Khazam, Sabine Sanjo, Elisabeth Schimana, Hemma Schmutz, Anna Soucek, Gerfried Stocker, Elisabeth Zimmermann and others. 

“In 1998, after a decade of work in the electronic music/art field, I began to inquire into another story. In all the years of education and work in this male-dominated genre (with respect to both its teachers and practitioners) I had hardly encountered anything about women in the history of electronic music/art. I realized the picture was terribly skewed, and so I got started weaving new threads into the narratives.” – Elisabeth Schimana

The book will be presented by Lona Gaikis. The presentation will be followed by a concert from the Zvokotok concert cycle.


Organisation: City of Women, in cooperation with Zavod Sploh and Cankarjev dom; supported by: Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture.


Foto: Nada Žgank

Video: Ivana Vidali, Tina Šulc Resnik, Montaža: Urša B. Potokar